Dr. Pramod Talgeri Gets International Merck-Tagore Award 2014

Dr. Pramod Talgeri, Vice-Chancellor, India International Multiversity and President,InDaF,the Indo German Teachers Association has been selected by Max Mueller Bhavan, the German External Affairs Ministry and Merck Limited India, for the International MERCK – TAGORE AWARD 2014 for promoting exchange and understanding between India and Germany. With this award the German government is honouring Dr. Talgeri’s contributions to studies in German language and literature for the last fifty years in India and abroad.

The Merck-Tagore Award was created in 2012 to honour the life and work of Rabindranath Tagore and to continue that effort. During his visits to Germany, the Indian Nobel Laureate represented India as an ambassador and appealed for better understanding of India and its culture. The Merck-Tagore Award is sponsored by the well known German pharmaceutical company Merck Limited, India,

The Merck-Tagore Award is granted every two years on Tagore’s birthday to a person who has made a special contribution to cultural exchange between Germany and India. It was granted for the first time in 2012 to Dr. Martin Kämpchen, the well-known translator of Tagore and Ramakrishna from Bengali to German. Dr. Talgeri is the second recipient of the Award.

The award was  presented to Dr. Talgeri at a special ceremony in Kolkata on 23rd April 2014.