Compressed Air Dryer

In Today’s Industrial zone this compressed air dryer is playing an important role in many applications. Capitalizing on our manufacturing unit we design, manufacture and supply superior quality compressed air dryers & gas drying systems. Our designed Air Dryers is for high-end Industrial applications to provide better protection against condensate damage. As per commercial point of view compressed air dryer are very cost effective and we also offer intelligent energy and Purge loss saving control for all drying processes.

Compressed air dryers are one of the most important parts of compressed air system. No matter where you are, in tropics or in desert, atmospheric air contains some water vapour. When the air or gas cools to the point where it can hold no more water vapour (past the saturation point), it will start to condense into liquid water. This happens at the temperature called the dew point. This dew point is a kind of measure, how much compressed air drying is needed.

How compressed air dryer work?

We often think of water as being essential to life, but it can be very detrimental in manufacturing. In an air compressor set up, water vapor becomes concentrated during the process of air compression. If allowed to build up, this excessive water can lead to a variety of operational problems and production complications.

An industrial compressed air dryer is used to separate water vapor from process air and cool it, so the air can be compressed efficiently. This step is necessary to prevent such production failures as freezing outdoor air lines, dangerous corrosion in piping and equipment, and malfunctioning of pneumatic process control instruments.