Screw Air Compressor


Kaishan KRSD single-stage direct drive compressor line is one of our most popular lines of compressors. These KRSD compressors utilize rotary air compressor technology to deliver a constant stream of compressed air where and when you need it most. This air compressor type uses helical screws in a continuous motion to reduce the volume and maximize the pressure of incoming air. Precision machining and proprietary bearing design within the industrial rotary screw air compressor airend hold the male and female screws, or rotors, in precise alignment.

KRSD Air Compressor Benefits


Over the years, we’ve achieved meticulous quality control by doing most of the work ourselves. Kaishan India is now 85% vertically integrated by manufacturing most of our compressor components internally. This self-reliant efficiency keeps costs low for you and your single-stage direct drive compressor needs.


Our products are reliable in terms of energy efficiency. With Kaishan compressors, customers save up to 35% in energy costs. The KRSD air compressor’s male rotor maximizes compressor performance. Combined with a high-efficiency air intake, this setup optimizes efficiency for maximum energy savings.


Our air compressors are second-to-none in terms of durability. With proper maintenance, each of our compressor models can last decades, keeping customers satisfied year after year. Our products were designed and built for steady performance in rough applications. KRSD control tubing lines are built with 316 stainless steel, due to its corrosion-free properties that increase reliability.


Kaishan is dedicated to designing and manufacturing compressors that improve workplace safety. The entire Kaishan range of compressors includes full safety features, such as guarded rotating components and shrouded electrical components.


Developed by Kaishan Engineers, these revolutionary new rotary screw air compressors bring together an integrated systematic optimization of the compressor unit, an advanced permanent-magnet motor, and Kaishan SKY technology to achieve outstanding energy efficiency. This unique integrated combination is a game changer in the compressed air industry offering unsurpassed efficiency in compressors all the way down to 15kW.
Rare earth material technology gives the permanent-magnet synchronized motors higher possible rotating speeds, wider operating parameters, and increased energy efficiency. Within their wide operating speed range, the Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency rotary screw air compressors are able to maintain extremely high motor efficiency compared with those using conventional drive motors.

  • • Complete control of air output to meet operating demand
  • • Lower energy input for required air generation
  • • Excessive part-load energy consumption is significantly reduced. Gradual increase in motor speed eliminates starting spikes and cost penalties
  • • A steady system pressure is maintained, lowering system stress and overall air demand
  • • Reduced artificial demand due to lower operating pressures.
  • • Reduced maintenance time and cost
  • • Significantly lower noise levels