About InDaF

InDaFThe Indo German Teachers’ Association, InDaF is an association of about more than 500 teachers who teach German as a foreign language in various schools, colleges and institutes spread all across India.  Since its inception in 2008, the organisation has always strived to provide a unique platform to its members to support their cause of teaching German in a more communicative and interactive manner. Through a host of seminars and workshops planned in different zones of India all round the year, InDaF plans to keep its members updated on the latest developments in modern language learning and teaching skills by facilitating interaction with various experts from prestigious institutes all across the world. The wide network of teachers that has been formed across the country through InDaF, has not only enabled its members to get to know and connect with one another personally , but also to learn from each others’ experiences to become better teachers in an environment that supports the idea of continuous development.

Easy availability of new books to the teachers, giving them numerous opportunities to further their education, providing online and telephonic assistance from experienced teachers or simply giving a patient ear to their grievances, the Indo German Teachers’ Association, InDaF has been making every small and big effort to better the cause of the German teachers in India.

Since 2009, InDaF has also become a member of the International German Teachers Association, IDV. The Asian Conference conducted by InDaF in December 2011 at New Delhi which witnessed the coming together of about 400 odd participants from India and abroad was attended and supported by the executive committee members of the IDV. The conference was applauded by all present for the wide range of subjects covered. Experts from various fields of German as a Foreign Language shared with the participants their rich knowledge and experiences in this three day event. Besides this Asian Conference, InDaF has been conducting various other regional conferences in Chandigarh, Pune, Kolkata, Trivandum in the past few years and will continue to do so in the years to come